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    Founded in 2000, jihu shenkaichemical Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful jinhu City.
    Our company is a hi-tech company specializing in the manufacturing and development of sports health care products and sports nutriment. Cooperating with famous universities and institutes, we have developed dozens of products for meeting market demand. At present, we offer 20 kinds and 3 series of products to the market.

    Three series:
    Health care material series :
    Creatine L- Pyroglutamate
    L-Arginine L- Pyroglutamate
    L-Arginine- L- Aspartate
    Di-Craetine malate
    Sports nutriment series :
    β-Hydroxy-β-Methyl Butyrate
    Calciumβ-Hydroxy-β-Methyl Butyrate
    β-Hydroxy-β-Methyl Butyrate Creatine
    β-Hydroxy-β-Methyl Butyrate arginine
    Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid
    Creatine Alpha-Ketoglutarate Methylbutyrate
    L-Histidine Alpha-ketoglutarate
    Chemical intermediate series :
    Acetoxyacetyl chloride

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